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A New Year's Resolution for Small Businesses
Typically we make New Year's resolutions that will improve our life. Small businesses can do the same by resolving to meet with a SCORE mentor.
Aspiring entrepreneurs face decisions on the road to launching a business, and countless more decisions once the enterprise is up and running. Some solutions seem obvious, while others appear to have "lose-lose" consequences, and yet other solutions require weighing trade-offs and compromises against current circumstances and future scenarios.
Nobody can guarantee a way to always make the best choice, but there are ways to make informed decisions that improve the chances of achieving positive results. One way is to find a business mentor.
According to the Small Business Administration, "Small businesses who receive three or more hours of mentoring report higher revenues and increased business growth."
Susquehanna SCORE's more than 75 mentors deliver free and confidential advice, workshops and online support for start-ups and  existing businesses in Adams, Dauphin, Cumberland, Perry and York counties.
SCORE mentors are volunteers with experience in small business ownership, corporate leadership in the for-profit and non-profit arenas and other fields. SCORE's mission is to be there for the life of a small business, from tooling up, to ramping up for growth to the formulation of an exit strategy.
Meeting with a business mentor regularly means that the New Year's resolution will be a priority beyond the second of January.

Act on your resolution HERE or by calling Mindy at 717-845-8830.

Harrisburg & York SCORE Chapters Merge

    SCORE chapters in Harrisburg and York merged recently to form Susquehanna SCORE. The two SCORE chapters are in the largest and best performing SCORE district in the country.
    The realignment, part of a district-wide improvement program, is designed to expand SCORE’s reach and impact throughout Central Pennsylvania. 
    Susquehanna SCORE, with multiple offices and well over 75 business mentors throughout the region, continues to serve clients in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry and York Counties. 
    Under the leadership of Julie Poland, Susquehanna SCORE has, according to Julie, “Outlined an aggressive schedule with more workshops for clients in all parts of our market, and a mentor recruitment strategy targeting prospective volunteers to add to SCORE’s industry expertise, diversity, workshop capabilities and community connections.”
    Susquehanna SCORE is Central PA’s source of free and confidential small business mentoring and low-cost workshops. Business mentors are working or retired business owners, executives and corporate leaders who share their wisdom and lessons learned in business with SCORE clients. 
    SCORE clients are people who want to take the next step toward achieving their business dreams, or tackle that next business challenge. Contact Susquehanna SCORE 717-845-8830, via email at, or on the web at


Thinking of starting a business?

It's easy to take the next step. For a free consultation with experienced business mentors, call 845-8830, 9 AM -12 PM, Monday through Friday, for a consultation at our office. If you'd like, we can even Skype a consultation with you.

Other options:

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SCORE Breakfast Big Success

Business leaders, elected officials and small business owners packed the ballroom of the Heritage Hills Resort for this first-ever York SCORE event. The play-by-play of the jam-packed one hour of information was best summed up in the words of Joe Deinlein of the Central Pennsylvania Business Journal.

Photos: (top to bottom) Featured speaker, Sarah Lanphier, CEO, Nuts About Granola; York SCORE Honoree, Chef Tim Jutzi, CEO, Chef Tim Foods; York SCORE Honoree, John Lewis, CEO DOCEO Office Solutions; US Representative Scott Perry (center), York SCORE Chapter Chair Julie Poland (right) and Mindy Juiliano, York SCORE Administrative Assistant)


Creativity and innovation are the catalysts that often drive successful new businesses. In this video, Susquhanna SCORE's Chapter Chair Julie Poland shares how these catalysts are changing and inspiring people. 

"All of a sudden they realize they don't have the limitations...They see a solution, they see a path forward and they walk out of the room excited about their next steps."

-- Julie Poland, Susquehanna SCORE Chapter Chair