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Susquehanna SCORE clients -- promote your business at the October 10, 2015 County Cup event at Santander Stadium!

Date: October 10, 2015

Showcase Time: 9AM - 3PM

Location: Santander Stadium, York PA

In Conjunction With: Susquehanna SCORE, Buy Local and The County Cup

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Each exhibiting SCORE client receives a FREE Susquehanna SCORE class or workshop of their choice through 2016. Can be worth as much as $125, depending on the client's course selection.

The SCORE Big with Buy Local Business Showcase is sponsored by:

The Showcase is being held at Santander Stadium in conjunction with The County Cup, an annual York County Rotary-sponsored croquet tournament to benefit York County non-profits.  In addition to the venue, you will enjoy their food trucks, music, and 1920s-themed activities.  For County Cup details, CLICK HERE. Come and have fun!

Are You a Leader or a Manager?

Susquehanna SCORE introduces a new course for leaders and managers, at two convenient times!

For the class series beginning October 6, register HERE.

For the class series beginning November 9, register HERE.

Q. WHAT is “Leadership & Management: from Vision to Profit?”

A. From Vision to Profit is a powerful, intense and inter-active four-session workshop designed to differentiate between strategically LEADING the business you envision from tactically MANAGING the business to achieve your profit goals.

Q. WHY should you take this workshop? 

A. To gain an understanding of your personal operational role as the owner or key player in the business. With this understanding you will make critical choices in applying your time, talents and strengths to effectively increase the success of your business. 

Q. WHAT will you learn?

A. You will explore and examine the differences between the thinking, the techniques and the success-driven business practices that are used by successful visionaries, leaders and managers and you will learn how to apply these practices to your world of business. EVERYDAY! You will learn to answer precisely the two business-critical “WHY” and “WHAT” questions. You will learn of the variety of practices of “the greats” such as Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, Peter Drucker and others. You will learn the qualities of a Leader or a Manager and learn of the ideas and useful techniques that make Leaders and Managers successful.

Q. WHO should attend?

A. You! And every Leader, Manager or Key Player on your team who is looking to maximize his or her talents to make the business a success.

Q. WHAT will be your Take-Away?

A. Side-by-side with your colleagues, you will gain insight into the different roles and functions of the Visionary, Leader and Manager. Also, you will
distinguish between the “Why we do” from “What we do” and be able to assign to each of your team the roles best suited for them. You will charge them with responsibilities that best utilize and maximize their individual and collective talents—for achieving the company’s success. 
You will learn the single most valuable of all management tools, the Art of Delegation, as well as the value of applying the “5 P’s.” 

Q. HOW will you personally benefit?

A. You will define and understand each of the various roles and styles required to run a company.  Specifically, your role with the nuances of your personal style will now direct you to focus your efforts where best for you and your company. You will galvanize your energy to recognize and direct practices as best suited for and handled by each team member. You will explore the critical differences and the importance of knowing when it is time to Lead or to Manage and when is it time to re-evaluate the strategic plans of the business. And, you will join a new success-network of success-driven entrepreneurs—your classmates, who are working to grow and advance their companies, their industry, and their community. 


A. Two convenient time choices:
Tuesday mornings, 7:30-10:00 a.m., 
October 6, 13, 20, 27 


A.    Monday afternoons, 5:30 – 8:00 p.m , 
November 9, 16, 23, 30


A. York Builders Association, 540 Greenbriar Road, York, PA 17404

To register for Leadership & Management, from Vision to Profit:

For the class series beginning October 6, register HERE.

For the class series beginning November 9, register HERE.


2015 Small Business

Success Breakfast

If you wanted heartwarming stories and a feast of facts about the perils and satisfactions of starting a business, you heard them at the 2015 Susquehanna SCORE Small Business Success Breakfast, September 24th, at the Yorktowne Hotel. The keynote panel of three Downtown Divas gave us a crash course in cash flow, cautious expansion, and customer care. Preceding them were two SCORE clients who talked about how their businesses were supported by SCORE mentors who helped them move their start-ups forward.

The program's Downtown Divas, (l-r) Caroline Morris, Kimman's Co.; Hilary Arthur, Arthur & Daughters; and Mandy Arnold, Gavin Advertising, telling Success Breakfast participants the secrets of how to start and sustain a growing downtown business.

(l-r) Tamara Coleman Sweets, Nu Natural Organics and Sheri Karan, Blind Spot Nutbutters are SCORE clients whose products and and service delivery put them on the leading edge of Central pennsylvania entrepreneurs. Ms. Karan is this year’s winner of the National SCORE and The SCORE Foundation’s 2015 SCORE Award winner for Outstanding Community Impact Small Business. A portion of Blind Spot Nutbutter's profits is donated to funding research for retinal conditions. See her brief video profile HERE.


Successful Mentoring Marathon

Susquehanna SCORE office administrator, Tammi Dawson, welcomed participants to the Small Biz Motivation Day. They came with babies in strollers, with their teenage children, spouses and friends, they came with their dreams and their business start-up questions to Susquehanna SCORE’s free Small Biz Motivation Day on Friday, May 29, at Santander Stadium. 

Susquehanna SCORE mentor, Phil Reck, CPA, listens to Motivation Day participant describe the vision for her business. Compliments of the York Revolution baseball team and the York County Industrial Authority, who awarded Susquehanna SCORE the stadium’s White Rose Hall through a community-wide grant contest, SCORE mentors and five SCORE success story company owners participated in a 5-plus-hour mentoring marathon with 37 individuals.​ We received outstanding support from our two presenting sponsors, CBY Systems and DOCEO Office Solutions. Every hour on the half-hour, these generous sponsors gave away a total of six pre-paid $100 credit cards to delighted registrants who were present to win.

Five SCORE-mentored small business owners were featured guests and joined in the mentoring of the constant flow of attendees. The opportunity for informal and extended conversations afforded folks the chance to test their new business ideas, trouble-shoot their obstacles and gain new insights into how to make a business turn a profit. These small businesses success story mentors were Sheri Karan of Blind Spot Nutbutters (2015 award winner for Outstanding Community Impact Small Business, The SCORE Foundation, see below); Tamara Coleman Sweets of Nu Natural Organics; Pam Getner of  Primerica Financial Services; Judy Orcutt of QuilliGraphy (see below); and Tom Stayer of Tom's Services.

Susquehanna SCORE mentors included the professional duo of CPA Phil Reck and attorney Greg Gettle, along with Julie Poland, Mike Bingham, Lou Lavetan, Debra Botterill, Bob Doerfler (photo, right, above), Leroy Moore, Wade Keech, and Kellie Boysen, joined by SBA lender relations specialist, Solomon Wheeler.

The conversations were both informal and challenging, experience-based and blue-sky. Thanks to the stadium’s free parking, everyone was able to take as much time as they wanted to talk with one or more mentors, many for an hour or more. Ideas, questions, passion and commitment – the big room buzzed with energy and conversation that will echo into the future, boosting the economic potential of our region and enhancing the lives of our entrepreneurs and their families. 

Susquehanna SCORE and Crispus Attucks: Partners in Entrepreneurial Education

Harrisburg & York SCORE Chapters Merge

     SCORE chapters in Harrisburg and York merged recently to form Susquehanna SCORE. The two SCORE chapters are in the largest and best performing SCORE district in the country.
    The realignment, part of a district-wide improvement program, is designed to expand SCORE’s reach and impact throughout Central Pennsylvania. 
    Susquehanna SCORE, with multiple offices and well over 75 business mentors throughout the region, continues to serve clients in Adams, Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry and York Counties. 
    Under the leadership of Julie Poland, Susquehanna SCORE has, according to Julie, “Outlined an aggressive schedule with more workshops for clients in all parts of our market, and a mentor recruitment strategy targeting prospective volunteers to add to SCORE’s industry expertise, diversity, workshop capabilities and community connections.”
    Susquehanna SCORE is Central PA’s source of free and confidential small business mentoring and low-cost workshops. Business mentors are working or retired business owners, executives and corporate leaders who share their wisdom and lessons learned in business with SCORE clients. 
    SCORE clients are people who want to take the next step toward achieving their business dreams, or tackle that next business challenge. Contact Susquehanna SCORE 717-845-8830, via email at, or on the web at

Thinking of starting a business?

It's easy to take the next step. For a free consultation with experienced business mentors, call 845-8830, 9 AM -12 PM, Monday through Friday, for a consultation at our office. If you'd like, we can even Skype a consultation with you.

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Creativity and innovation are the catalysts that often drive successful new businesses. In this video, Susquhanna SCORE's Chapter Chair Julie Poland shares how these catalysts are changing and inspiring people. 

"All of a sudden they realize they don't have the limitations...They see a solution, they see a path forward and they walk out of the room excited about their next steps."

-- Julie Poland, Susquehanna SCORE Chapter Chair