We’re here to help you succeed.

Successful entrepreneurs always seek new ideas and understand learning doesn’t stop on their grand opening day. SCORE’s mission is to foster small business success through mentoring and education to positively increase our community’s economic impact. Whether you are a start-up or an existing business, our experienced mentors will help your business open new markets, reach new customers, and achieve new goals.

Free Mentoring Program from Susquehanna SCORE

You don’t have to grow your business alone. Susquehanna SCORE offers one-to-one assistance with a local business advisor as part of our FREE Mentoring program. Most of our certified mentors have either started their own business or served in high-level positions in local businesses and corporations. They have been comprehensively trained and agreed to a rigid code of ethics that requires them to be above reproach as a business consultant helping Susquehanna SCORE clients.

Our Mentoring program provides local business owners with access to mentors and resources according to their individual needs. Mentoring sessions are offered in various formats, such as one-to-one meetings over the phone, via video conferencing and email, and in-person. Your mentor may also only be just a quick text message away! 

The mentors are there to support you and connect you with the necessary resources to help your business succeed. They serve SCORE businesses by giving their best advice, but ultimately it’s your business and you make the ultimate decision. Whether you are just looking for some assistance in one area, or you are looking for help from a start-up business consultant near you, you are sure to find what you need by requesting a mentor at Susquehanna SCORE.

Request a Local Business Mentor

Request a meeting with a certified mentor today filling out the online request form.  You can either search for a specific mentor below, or simply rely on us to find the best one for you.  We'll connect you with the Susquehanna SCORE chapter office and have you soon talking with the right mentors. Once you are matched with a mentor, we will help you set up your first mentoring session at a time and format that works with your busy schedule. 

Make your business a SCORE business today by requesting a certified mentor and see just how far you can go. Click above to request a meeting or use the search bars below to find  your own mentor and get started!

Have questions or need to talk to someone about the mentoring program before signing up? Give Susquehanna SCORE a call at 717-845-8830.