Woodworker Turns Hobby into Business

My successes. 

Making fine furniture for friends and family had been a rewarding hobby for Felix Milner for many years. While enjoying making furniture, Felix also enjoyed his professional career as a software developer working for a local software company in Lititz, PA. Then, along with many others, Felix was laid off in 2009.  

Felix knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to turn his woodworking hobby into a profitable business. He just needed some expert advice on how to do it.

He met with two business counselors at the York SCORE office. During that meeting they discussed the importance of taking his ideas and formalizing them into a business plan. Felix knew this was good advice. He wanted to investigate beforehand if his hobby could feasibly generate enough income as a business for himself and his wife and to allow them to continue living in their handsome home where his workshop is just steps away from the back porch.

Felix wasted no time in following up on his SCORE counselors’ suggestions. He attended SCORE’s next business planning workshop series. He said, “The business planning workshop provided a wealth of information and it was a great place to meet other people and businesses.”

The new business owner also had a website http://www.rlcustomwoodworks.com/ designed for his business and he methodically tackled the other tasks necessary for start ups.

He has participated in roundtable discussions SCORE volunteers facilitated at the York County Chamber of Commerce. The roundtable series was specifically designed for professional in related fields. Business roundtables help entrepreneurs expand their networks, discuss topics that matter, get feedback and advice, learn from the successes of others and connect with experts and other entrepreneurs.
When Felix mentioned his SCORE experiences to others he noted, “They had very productive and positive experiences with SCORE too.”

How SCORE helped. 

“I had very informative and productive meetings with SCORE counselors and I plan on having more in the near future.” SCORE counseling is always free and it’s for existing businesses as well as start ups.

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