I have wanted to start my own business for many years; I have a culinary arts degree and have worked in several aspects of the food industry over the course of 20 years. In 2013 the circumstances seemed opportune as well as the fact that I no longer feared failure. I enjoy many aspects of food preparation, and am marketing myself as a culinary services provider so that I can stay in touch with the spectrum of food preparation that I enjoy, such as catering and instruction, but I am open-ended to involve myself with anything related to food!

My successes. 

While I am still an emerging business, I feel that the past 18 months have been successful every time a customer provides positive feedback. This reinforces my measure of success. It makes me happy to have met and generally exceed a customer's expectations. I put my heart into every meal I plan and prepare; into every class I instruct. There have been moments where an experience was not as ideal as planned; however, I would not say that was a failure, but rather a learning opportunity. I have high hopes for the future, with several projects in the works and with new customers reaching out to me regularly.

How SCORE helped. 

Through SCORE, I have had the opportunity to meet and network with business persons with a diversity of interests and levels of experience. On the whole, mentors and others I've met through SCORE are always happy to help and offer guidance unselfishly. I think we all just want to see each other succeed!

What's great about my mentor? 

My mentor, Kellie, has always responded quickly and kindly to all of my questions. If she is not able to be of direct assistance she can generally provide me with someone's contact information who can better address the topic at hand. We are not in the same line of business, but she is a fellow female business owner, so there is a camaraderie in that respect.

Whisk Culinary Services LLC