All York County small businesses are invited to apply to Susquehanna SCORE for a $2,500 Next Step Grant they will use to increase sales and new customers.

The York County Chamber Foundation is sponsoring the grant.

A panel of business organizations and entrepreneurs will evaluate Next Step Grant applications on the basis of the applicants’ readiness to implement the plan they propose.

Grant applications are due by 5:00 p.m., Friday, December 21, 2018. Complete application guidance is available below, or by calling SCORE at (717) 845-8830.

The grant funders will award the grant to the winning York County small business on February 21, 2019.

The Next Step Grant is funded by The Chamber Foundation and is administered by Susquehanna SCORE. Grant applications are evaluated by a panel of independent judges; neither officers, members, volunteers or clients of the Chamber Foundation or Susquehanna SCORE will evaluate the grant applications.

The Susquehanna SCORE Next Step Grant will reimburse the grant winner up to a total of $2,500 for paid invoices the winner submits to Susquehanna SCORE.

The invoices must be for charges related to the winning proposal and must be submitted to Susquehanna SCORE by December 31, 2019, for reimbursement.

Apply Now for $2,500

* A SCORE client who submitted an NSG application previously CAN apply again!
* The grant will be awarded ONLY to a York County business owner, with no more than 10 employees, who is or has been a Susquehanna SCORE client!
* The grant will cover ONLY paid receipts for expenses related to the winning proposal!
* What are YOUR chances of winning the NSG grant for 2019? There were 13 applications for the 2017 grant and 12 applications for the 2018 grant.
* An applicant CAN ask a SCORE mentor for help in filling out their application!
* Susquehanna SCORE and its mentors will NOT judge the submitted applications!