Our Susquehanna SCORE Chapter has excellent, experienced mentors that continue to help our clients and impact our local economy.  As you can see below, your SCORE Chapter has had a positive impact in 2017/2018 (we are still awaiting the 2019 numbers).  We helped:
    Create 305 new businesses!
    Create 370 non-owner jobs!
    Perform over 5100 services for our clients!

To continue to provide our free services and to meet the higher demand of clients, we need more mentors.
So, we need your help.  Please look within your organizations or to your friends to ask them to be mentors.  If you have high potential employees or want your business to help our community, please let us know.  Any business experience is welcomed and needed.  Also, as our client base diversity grows, so we need mentors of diverse backgrounds.