We all lead busy lives these days. Small business owners seem to juggle even more calendars.
Family, careers, school, friends, bills, errands... WHEW! We could all use a little help!!
Wherever you are in life, we’d like you to consider supporting someone else trying to chart a similar
path. You deserved a chance… someone else does too.
That’s why your local Susquehanna SCORE is launching a new PAY IT FORWARD FRIDAY campaign.
There are lots of ways to help… helping can involve money, or time, or support, or sometimes
simply telling your story can inspire someone else. Every Friday, we will suggest ways for you to
“PAY IT FORWARD” and give back so that others can achieve some of the same opportunities you
have experienced.
If you are fortunate enough to have some of the
chaos of starting a new business behind you, you
probably still remember the struggles you faced
trying to keep it all together. If you’re currently in
the midst of it, know that it does get better!