Susquehanna SCORE has been a partner tenant located in William F. Goodling Center, room YG102 for many years. HACC students are using the on-campus office of Susquehanna SCORE to get free mentoring for developing their business startups. Have you ever thought of starting a business? The mentors who can help you start a business are right here on the York Campus. In the past two years this local office of the National SCORE Organization has, across its five-county region, helped start 305 new businesses, created 379 non-owner jobs, and provided over 5100 client services, such as one-on-one mentoring, workshops, training and business roundtables.
How does SCORE’s business startup mentoring work? If you are dreaming about starting a business, SCORE will schedule a meeting with two mentors for a one-hour confidential session. Bring your questions. Tell your mentors everything you want them to know about your idea and then ask them for advice. At the end of your first session, your mentors will encourage follow-up sessions. Looking ahead, they will help discuss what type of future mentoring will meet your needs as your business develops. All of this is FREE because the mentors are business managers and owners, still working or retired, who donate their time to help entrepreneurs take the next and best steps forward. To learn more about SCORE’s
free mentoring service stop by the SCORE office, or contact Tammi, SCORE’s office manager at 717-845-8830.